Non-NPH Nokia N93i Review

Fellow blogger and Nokia Phone Blog reader Alex Wrege mailed in to say that he’s finished part 1 (and it looks like part 2 also) of his video review on the Nokia N93i. That’s right, the Nokia N93i. The same Nokia N93i that 99.999999% of the Earth’s population wishes they had in their hands right now.
Nokia N93i thumbnail

“Also included is a hand strap or…yeah, I don’t really know what you do with this…but I guess it’s good to be included for those of you who like leather around your…wrists…or something.”
“[referring to secondary VGA video conferencing camera] Of course here’s also the video camera…or I don’t know…joke?”
This guy is awesome.
Anyway, it’s an excellent, very in-depth advance look at the N93i. Check it out.