20 Minutes with the Nokia N95 (First Impressions)

I had the chance to play with the Nokia N95 for a bit yesterday. My first impressions, only three months late! (full review coming soon)
Nokia N95
First impressions of the Nokia N95 phone.

The phone is much lighter than the Nokia N80, the N95′s predecessor. It’s a little wider, but the thinness more than makes up for this and it doesn’t feel like a brick.
The slide’s opening and closing mechanism is a huge improvement over the N80. It has that “spring” tactile feel to it that’s similar to the LG Chocolate. Big plus.
GPS didn’t work. The quick start guide says it needs to connect to three satellites to get a lock on a location, but trying everything in the book got me nothing but “cannot connect to satellite” errors. Disappointing!
The N95′s camera is simply amazing. There’s also zero lag when using the viewfinder display. Carl Zeiss optics ftw, as usual.
Menus are less laggier than before. That’s not to say that there’s no lag at all, but it’s noticeably better than Nokia’s other phones. I guess the 330 mhz processor actually counts for something.
Sound quality from the stereo speakers is quite good.
That guy was right: those dedicated music buttons are pretty much worthless. They’re also annoying to press because the buttons aren’t raised. I’ll have to give up my plans to use them as gamepad buttons.
Sand looks like vomit. Just my opinion.