iPhone vs. Nokia N95 vs. Ocean, iPhone wins?

An Associated Press writer “reviewed” the iPhone, N95, and Ocean (Helio) – all at the same time. The result is the article titled “Review: Apple’s IPhone Takes Other Luxury Cell Phones to School”.
The bottom line of the guy’s argument is that the iPhone is incredibly easy to use, while the N95′s user interface is horrendous. And any mention of the Ocean seems to have been done as an afterthought. Actually, why the Ocean is even included in the review is beyond me. I definitely wouldn’t call it a luxury phone.
The Helio Ocean.

While I’d totally agree that the Symbian UI isn’t even close to Apple’s interface, I can’t help but feel that comparing the iPhone and N95 is like comparing Apples to Oranges. It’s like putting Tiger Woods next to Roger Federer and saying that one is the better athlete.
I consider the iPhone a winner in terms of style and usability, but not features. The N95 is no looker but manages to pack 3G, A2DP, an open operating system (Symbian), video recording, and GPS – all features missing from the iPhone – into a device that’s unlocked for use with any GSM provider.