Nokia N85 Gets a Review – In Italian, No Less

The N85 Gets Reviewed in Italian/Badly Tranlated English
A user over at All About Symbian got their hands dirty with the Nokia N85. Unfortunately for everyone else, that user wrote the review in Italian.
Good thing another user took the time to Google translate the post. Among the highlights (the meaty parts ripped out by yours truly, see original post link below):
  • 1. the phone is solid and the slider seems to be a great improvement if compared with that of the N95.
  • 3. the screen is fantastic especially for what concerns the images and videos. Furthermore the visibility of the screen is good also with intense sunlight. Probably, it is the best screen available on the N series…
  • 6. the system is very solid and stable. N85 has about 72 MB free that lower down to 58/60 MB with the simultaneous use of different applications. He used in a test the following applications at the same time: address book, Photo gallery, Settings, X-plore, Handy Taskman, Jbak Taskman, Application Management and diary still having 28 MB free. At this point, he tried to start RealPlayer also but the phone re-booted.
  • 7. navigation is very fast with both WiFi and 3G. Web pages are loaded very fast and it is also fast in GSM mode.
  • 8. the GPS has been used to Geotag some photos and for a brief urban travel with Maps. The fix is very quick (30 seconds) and the signal has been maintained during all the travel even in zones with high buildings.
  • 9. the photos have been compared with those of the N95. In general they appeared good-looking but it seems that is necessary some improvements (with the next firmwares) especially for what concerns the macro and the night modes. Anyway as a first release it is very good already
  • 11. the audio is very good and it is better than that of the Innov8.
  • 13. with NGAGE the phones works very well. The screen is marvellous and, of course, perfect for gaming. About the phone performances, no slowing down have been observed. The phone seems to be a perfect game-machine
  • 14. The first impressions are that the battery duration is similar to that of Innov8 and N96.
There isn’t a whole lot that I can add. After giving it a good run at the Nokia See Into S60 event, I came away extremely impressed, far more impressed than any of the other phones there (N96 included). The N85 is that good.