Gizmodo Reviews the E66 (“not $500 good”)

Gizmodo has posted a lightning review of the E66 Eseries business slider. The one-line verdict: “It’s good, but it’s not $500 good, esp without a qwerty.”
Nokia's E66: Good but not great.
Nokia E66: Good but not great?

The E66 is the equivalent counterpart to that other Eseries phone release, the Nokia E71. Feature sets on both phones are pretty much the same, as is pricing (350 Euro at last count).
So according to Gizmodo, the E66 is a device that’s nicely sized, “loud and clear”, and has a ton of features. Sounds like a win, right? Well, not quite – and the reasons are Symbian (slow, with options “buried deep in menus”), a lousy browser (“Nokia’s built-in S60 browser sucks, plain and simple”), and a “pointless” screen rotation feature.
I can’t speak for the browser, but having to dig through S60 menus is standard Symbian fare. I’d love to see more customization of the Active Standby screen rather than the six shortcut icons and the calendar/to-do list stuff under it.