And the E71 Gets Reviewed…(No Real Verdict Though)

The folks at Engadget managed to snag a brand-spanking new E71 and put it through its paces. Unfortunately, the verdict is really more of an observation than anything: “As for accomplishing what it sets out to do, the E71 manages it all with style, providing a plethora of features in a speedy, beautiful and miniscule device.”
Well, at least there’s lots of pictures.
Engadget reviews the E71.
Engadget reviews the E71.
Nokia E71 reviewed by Engadget
So I’ve taken the liberty of breaking down the review for you:
The Good
  • Stylish
  • Thinnest QWERTY device around
  • “Comfortable to hold and use”
  • Better keyboard than the rough E62 predecessor
  • Strong set of software included – Maps, Share on Ovi/Flickr, S60 Browser
  • “Zippy” load time
The Bad
  • Too many button presses to accomplish tasks
  • Smaller screen thanks to smaller device size
  • Media playback interface not up to par
  • Unsubsidized by AT&T = freakin’ expensive