What are Chances of Getting Back a Stolen Mobile Phone?

Despite there is Stolen Phone blocking system in Place, under umbrella of PTA, a very sad fact is that there are Zero Percent Chances of getting back a stolen Mobile Phone.

So all Mobile Phone User, be informed that you can’t get back stolen/lost handsets.

Few recommendations for every cell phone user,

•Keep a backup of your contacts, data, and anything that you can’t afford to lose such as Emails, Calendar Events, Files etc. (Consult mobile phone manual for procedures for backing up your data)
•Don’t keep personal files, such as pictures, videos in your mobile phone. Take pictures, videos and instantly transfer them to your computer for future use.
•Try not to keep your financial information on your phone, for instance few people save their credit card/ATM card pins on their phone as contacts, never do that.
•Try to use security locks that come with mobile phones, for instance, few mobile handsets offer a feature, through which, handset will get locked in case of SIM change, or restart – try getting benefited of such features. (Consult your handset manual for getting familiar with these security add-ons)
•Consider using cellular Value Added Services that secure data, such as online backup, remote phone lock services and so on.
Operator Provided Security Services

•Telenor Secure All
•Mobilink Call Secure
•Ufone PhoneBook Saver
Some of our readers may ask, PTA’s phone block system is there then why to worry (even they spent millions on establishing this handset block system), here are the reasons

•Through IMEI number, you can block your handset, but can’t get it back – meaning that PTA will get your mobile phone blocked so no one can use it, but there is no mechanism available to get this phone back to you.
•And worst of it is that blocked phones, through IMEI numbers can be unblocked through many software available online.
How to minimize the chances for Phone theft

Although, these theft incidents happens at once, and no one can plan due to the severe situation that arises when a cell phone snatcher is standing before you with a gun and asking you for mobile phone and your valet etc…however, adopting following things may lead you to some better results

•Put your phone in Phone Casing, that is likely to be attached with your bag or belt; try not holding your phone in hands all the times. You can easily forget your mobile phone if it’s in your hands.
•Many of mobile phone users keep multiple handsets with them, in such case, if you are before a snatcher with a gun in his hand, try exposing your relatively low cost phone. For this purpose, making a master phone and other as secondly phone can be helpful.
•Don’t leave your phone on car’s dashboard, especially when you side windows are down.
So keep yourself secure and safe, and make sure you don’t have any crucial data on your cell phone, before it’s too late.

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