Phone Preview: Nokia N73 Phone

It’s Thursday, and I’m currently sitting here bored at work. So let’s do the final Nseries phone preview: the Nokia N73 phone. Call it the first candybar phone with Carl Zeiss optics.
Nokia N73 thumbnail

Nokia N73 Phone - Large
The Nokia N73 is a long-looking candy bar shaped cell phone rounding out the new Nseries line of cell phones. Like the N93 phone, the N73 has a 3.2 megapixel camera, Carl Zeiss optics, and another VGA camera. However, unlike the N93, the N73 does not have optical zoom – but it does have a nice lens cap. I should note that the N73 has dedicated camera buttons for camera mode, zoom, and picture review.
Back of the Nokia N73
Nokia has tossed away tri-band for the N73 in favor of (gasp!) quad-band + 3G. So we may yet see this phone headed to the States.
Like the other new Nseries phones, the N73 has an enormous screen – 2.4 inches. The screen looks ridiculously big compared to the size of that keypad.
Nokia is really pushing this phone as an easy-to-use camera (phone) with a lot of flashy, simplified features such as easy integration with Flickr (online photo galleries) and photo slideshows with sound. (the N73 has onboard stereo speakers)
Available in July 2006 in a variety of colors (“silver grey/deep plum”, “frost white/metallic red”, “frost white/mocha brown”), with no indication of retail cost as of yet.
Nokia N73 - Side View