Phone Preview: Nokia N72 Phone

Here’s the second of the newest batch of Nokia cell phones: the Nokia N72 Phone. Also known as the latest incarnation of the Nokia N70 – a phone that’s barely been out for a couple of months. (nice of Nokia to announce these phones now eh?)
Nokia N72 Thumbnail

Nokia N72 Phone Large Image
It’s a pretty stylish candy bar phone with a similar camera style to the N70 or 6680/6682 series of phones. There’s an “Active Lens Cover” which slides up and down to expose the camera lens. Personally, I would love to see this on every camera phone.
It seems as if the N72 is headed for everywhere BUT the good ‘ol US of A – it’s going to Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Russia, and Eastern Europe. Er…huh? So we’re stuck with the N70, and everyone else gets the new N72. The good news is the Nokia N70 is almost exactly like the Nokia N72. Both sport a 2 megapixel camera, Symbian, Bluetooth, and pretty much everything else that makes a Symbian phone, a Symbian phone.
The N72 does have one feature the N70 does not: “Digital Textures.” I believe that is Nokia-speak for “rounded rectangles” which the back does make good use of:
Back of the Nokia N72
Hot damn: the Nokia N72 phone is expected to be in stores June 2006. Scary thought.
And finally, here’s a picture of the camera is action:
The Nokia N72 Camera